CD: Euro-OES-Show-15 years (1988-2002)

For OES-fans this CD may be an introduction or memoirs to the previous meetings. It is our plan to produce CDs in the future with more pictures and more Euro-OES-Show. If you have ideas what we can add to those CDs please let us know.

The detailed information:
Joachim Pilz



Nyborg (Denmark)

judges: Jilly Bennett (Pelajilo) - Intermediate, Open & Champion Classes
Ray Owen (Amblegait) - Junior, Senior & Veteran Classes


18th Euro-OES-Show held in Nyborg, Denmark. 13-16 May 2005.

Report by Jilly Bennett (Pelajilo)


And so the much- anticipated Euro-OES-show weekend is over for another year. What a show! What a weekend!
The Euro-OES-Show committee took a chance when they voted for the show to be held in Denmark, as of course this meant that any docked dogs could not be shown. Indeed, because of the docking ban, we anticipated an entry of perhaps 70 or maybe 80 dogs, if we were lucky, and so were surprised and delighted to hear that 122 dogs had been entered from 17 different countries (from as far away as Russia, Finland and Greece) and with visitors from 20 different countries, including 55 bobtail enthusiasts coming over from the UK. Good to see Woody Nelson, who is the judge-elect of this year’s National Specialty in America, in attendance along with the well known Diane Anderson and also good to see Val Bandas from Canada. What a truly international show this has become with dogs and visitors coming from all points of the globe.
The Euro-OES-Show is judged by the Crufts’ judge of the following year – in this case, yours truly had the honour. The main judge (Champion, Intermediate and Open classes) chooses his or her co-judge and I was delighted when Ray Owen (Amblegait) agreed to judge the Puppies, Juniors, Seniors and Veterans.


The venue for our weekend was one and half hours from Copenhagen - in a super hotel at Nyborg on beautiful Funen Island. The hotel was built in 1899 and over the years it has been turned into a completely modernised and well-equipped conference hotel. The setting is just in front of the beautiful wild dunes leading to the sea, or rather the ‘sound,’ as it is known and with views to the amazing and recently built 'Storebaelt' bridge. Leading out from the back of the hotel is a beautiful park, surrounded by mature trees and this was to be the venue for the show itself. Further down the beach was the area designated for the camper vans and they set up their own OES world down there but spent most of the time at the hotel, of course.
If there is a better show organiser than Lisa Thielfoldt Nielsen, I’d be surprised. Lisa and her truly splendid team worked   unbelievably   hard   to   make   everything  run


smoothly and it did. Lisa’s attention to detail, her calmness and her kindness to everyone was breathtaking. If, as a judge, you want to be well looked after, go to Denmark! May I tell you my room boasted its own private sauna (!) with a vase of beautiful white roses on the coffee table along with a dish of perfect strawberries. When I first saw the suite I said the show could go on without me – I’d stay and enjoy the weekend in my room, thank you very much!

But of course I didn’t. The weekend’s events included – on the Saturday - a very interesting and thought-provoking seminar on "Genetics and hereditary diseases" given by Dr. Helle Proschowsky, PhD. There was a river cruise and an excursion to the home of Hans Christian Anderson - this year being the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famous storyteller. Of course, there was the usual and much-anticipated Golf Tournament, won by Barbara Mueller from Switzerland. There were obedience trials, with Hans Ove Pedersen and Laila Larsen officiating. And clicker training for fun went on all day in the park.
The casual dinner on the Saturday evening featured prime rib of beef and we were treated to a Line Dancing display as dessert. Many visitors learned a new dance that evening with a few hangovers next day to prove it!

And then it was show day! There was wet weather accommodation planned but with the weather forecast looking very encouraging, the committee cancelled the hall a few days before. On the day before the show, it rained but our Danish friends must have been very good girls and boys all year, because show day arrived with glorious sunshine, just a hint of a breeze – perfection. The showground was a sight to behold. Two enormous rings, lots of attractive tents and enormous bowls of gorgeous flowers on tall stands – and a red carpet for the judges’ entrance with a fanfare of trumpets to herald our arrival. The Lord Mayor of Nyborg opened the show – and so we were off….
Jesper Ravn acted as my superb ring steward and Klaus Andersen patiently typed up the reports. These two were such fun to work with all day. Thank you.

The microphone was manned by Ole Staunskjær who kept everyone entertained with his chat. Ole has been a supporter of the OES Club of Denmark through the 40 years of its existence. Incidentally, he will be judging BIS at Windsor this year.
Overall comments on the dogs: Lack of correct rise to loin was the most noticeable problem within the entry. There were far too many lacking this very necessary breed characteristic. Many dogs were weak in rear action and there were also a number of dogs who lacked any depth to body. On the positive side, I found some superb heads with good stops and excellent wide forefaces with correct bites. Coats were mixed – some of good quality, some too soft and a few needing to clear in colour. Eye colour was pretty much acceptable with only a few tending to a medium brown eye. And of course I loved my winners.
The system in Denmark is a little different to elsewhere. In the first place, we start with the Champion class. In that class and each subsequent class, the judge can award what is known as a CK which means the dog is considered worthy of champion status. All dogs with a CK – however many - go thru to the final class of the day, the Best Male and the Best Female class – there are 4 placings in these final classes. It would sound to be confusing when you can have quite a few dogs from each class in the ring, but in practice it isn’t at all.

Best Male Class:
1. and BIS: DJCH DCHVDH Big Funny Flashy Fineness. Open class winner. Bred in Hungary, living in Germany, this stunning male is sired by the well-known Ch. Reata’s A1, a previous Euro-OES-Show BIS winner. He is a very well-made dog with nice head, excellent bone and depth to body, good topline, excellent angulation front and rear, so balanced throughout and was shown in profuse coat. He commanded the ring, beautifully made in all departments, a super mover when viewed from any direction, a real stallion of a dog. I couldn’t look past his overall style and masculinity – just loved him.
2.ICH ECH LCH INTCH Manrose Power of Love. 2nd in Open class. A beautiful slightly smaller male, so typy, good mover, really covering the ground. He has an excellent head with good stop, good wide foreface. Beautifully made throughout with good angulation, good topline and shown in excellent coat. Beautifully presented by these well-known Swiss breeders, he is sired by Ch. Hibray Action Replay from the UK out of their Vigilat’s champion bitch, bred in Holland.
3.DKCH NCH SCH NORDCH DCHVDH INTCH KLBV02 DKKV02 DKKV03 DKKV04 KBHV03 UVV02 Danish Delight Formula One Winner of the Champion class. Super headed dog with good skull, good wide foreface, correct bite, fully pigmented eyes. Excellent bone, depth to body and spring of rib, good angulation and a good strong mover. A stylish balanced masculine dog who just needs to clear in coat colour.
4.FINCH INTCH FINW04 LvW00 Blockhead`s Knockout Sent through by Ray from the Senior class. Such a beautifully balanced dog with everything in order. Good angles, masculine and typy and shown in profuse coat. He moved beautifully, really filled the eye – lovely presentation.

Best Female Class:
1. and Reserve BIS. Rapunzel Von Den Blue Zottel`s. A beautiful bitch who topped this excellent class and the quality Open class she won earlier. Excellent head with good stop, full pigmentation. She has good bone and depth to body. A super free mover, she’s lovely to handle and presentation was first class. Shown in good quality coat. In the challenge, she complimented the male so well. I’ve always loved what this talented German breeder produces.
2. LCH DCHVDH ACH CHCH INT CH Argovian Cherry Blossom. Winner of the Champion class. Beautiful feminine bitch – so pretty. Stunning head, good stop with excellent wide foreface. She has a good front and rear with good depth to body and covered the ground well. Beautifully shown and presented, she exudes breed type. She has an English sire, Krisendaw, with Multichampion Pennylane Love’n Kisses from Switzerland as her mother.
3. Ch. Helga Hufflepuff from Beautiful Highland. 2nd in the Open class and close up in style to the winner, just slightly bigger. Super to handle and, as always, beautifully presented from this successful kennel. She has a good head with good strong foreface, good bite, nice dark eyes. Good bone, depth to body and good spring of rib. Excellent topline. Good angulation and a super mover when viewed from any angle, really reaching out. Shown in profuse coat of good texture which needs to clear a little in colour. Sired by a Barkshire import from the US.
4. FCH ICH DCH VDH NLCH CHCH ACH INTCH Bobbington Kiss Curl. Sent thru by Ray from the Senior class, this nine and a half year old beautiful English-bred little bitch is an old favourite of mine. She’s won pretty much everything going in her career, including Best Bitch at Crufts some years ago. I’ve judged her before and she can still move with the best of them. Shown in beautiful coat, she exudes femininity and breed type and more than deserved this placing in a strong Best Female class. Super to see her again. Royally bred, she is sired by Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover out of a Lamedazottel’s champion bitch.

The Gala Dinner at the Euro-ows is always a great event and so it was in Denmark - this year it was a ‘Fairytale’ dinner in honour of Hans Christian Anderson. I’ve never before seen waiters flicking fairy dust on to each guest – how we all sparkled that night! The tables were strewn with flowers and every guest received a super gift of a charming little wooden bobtail on wheels. The beautifully designed menus were ours to keep as a memento of the evening and the truly delicious food that was to follow – the presentation was stunning; something the Danes are very good at in their superb cuisine. In fact, we were not only celebrating the 18th Euro-OES-Show but also the 40th anniversary of the Danish OES Club so the champagne and the wine and the speeches flowed.
This year the Euro-OES-Show committee announced there was to be a silver pin given – at this show and in future - to the ‘person who has contributed more than usual to the positive image of the Euro-OES-Show’ and it was no surprise to learn that this year’s recipient was Lisa Thielfoldt Nielsen.

As usual there were some marvellous cabarets, including one from Holland with Rosemarie Wibier, as a mysterious cleaning lady, keeping us all in fits of laughter. Ray and I decided it would be a fun for the judges to entertain the exhibitors and visitors for a change – and so we did ‘We’re a Couple of Swells’ from Easter Parade. All right - we may not be Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, even tho we sported the requisite tramps’ outfits and top hats, but it seemed to go down very well and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Future Crufts/Euro-OES-Show judges, you have been warned! Get your dancing shoes on and get rehearsing! I do believe we’ve set a precedent…Mind you, you might need the skills of Angie Owen as choreographer.
We all sang the now famous Euro-OES-Show song and the finale was, as always, the serenading of the winning breeder and owner of the BIS dog – always a moving moment as we wave our arms - this year we waved sparklers - and sung our hearts out. Every year I tell myself I won’t cry and every year I do!
Throughout the evening we had a super band and I hear dancing went on to the small hours – nothing unusual at a Euro-OES-Show.
I can’t finish without mentioning the rest of the Danish team who, alongside Lisa, worked so hard to make this, the 18th Euro-OES-Show, the tremendous success it was. President of the Danish OES Club, Johnny Nielsen along with Bendte – Gyrithe, Tina, Malene, Marianne and of course Birgitte Schjøth.
I’d also like to thank all the exhibitors who gave me the pleasure and honour of handling their dogs. Thank you.
So finally, it’s time to say goodbye and a last big thank you to Denmark for a job they did so very well. Now we say - ‘See you in Italy, where we’ll be gathering at Mantova, Lake Garda on the weekend of 3-4 June 2006 for a weekend of OES and Art in Italy.’

Fino ad allora, Italia!


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