It's always difficult to write about oneself and to talk about the many paths we have crossed in one short article - all those days of hard work, the moments of joy, the sleepless nights, tears, victories... but we'll start the usual way and begin with our first dog. Sometimes it seems that Old English Sheepdogs have been living with us for ever, but it's not so. We bought our first Old English puppy intentionally but, at the time, without any long-term aim. Our first dog, Dimka, came to live in our house at the end of 1997 and we fell in love with our kind 'bear', his extraordinary character, his love for every member of the family and his care for the children. Unfortunately, his life was very short. Dimka was seriously ill and he sadly died when he was only 6 years of age.
As soon as we knew that our Dimka was ill, we decided to buy a new dog and in 1998, Christina Bailey agreed to sell us a dog. And so Zottels Yours Forever, a dog from Great Britain, came to live in our house. He completely changed our lives: interest and love for the breed turned into a yearning for knowledge. We tried to get as much information as possible but there was a lack of it in Russia. That's why we had to brush up our knowledge of foreign languages so we could make contact with foreign kennels and clubs.
In the year 2000, we graduated with diplomas from the trainee-judges' course at the Russian Kinological Federation and decided to form our own kennel. By that time, we had 3 dogs. It took us a long time to choose a name for our kennel. Eventually we chose PUSHISTOE VOLSHEBSTVO (Fluffy Magic) because Old English Sheepdogs are magical dogs and bewitch everyone who meets them.
A little earlier, in 1999, we created a website devoted to the breed. Through this website, we want to give everyone interested in the breed the opportunity to meet, learn and exchange ideas.
Breeding is not easy. We have had our ups and downs but the philosophy of our kennel helps us to stand firm. We know that breeding a litter must include the following:
• a profound respect for the breed
• knowledge of the breed’s standard (not just the words, but the real meaning of these words), faults can be seen by anyone but it requires knowledge and experience to appreciate the merits
• study of genetics
• control possible genetic diseases
• not allow our feelings to influence the choice of dogs for breeding
• don’t criticize dogs of other owners
• perfect veterinary attention
• regular care and nutrition of the best quality
• worthy life for old and non-exhibited dogs
• sell puppies only to worthy people - who don’t allow maltreatment
• all-round help for new owners of puppies
• to be satisfied with nothing but the best
Breeding dogs can bring great pleasure and this is so more important than all the possible prizes won at exhibitions. The miracle of birth, bringing up the puppies, helping new owners build a reputation with our puppies - all in a wonderful atmosphere… One of the most positive things in breeding is making a lot of new friends. They say, “We were just going to buy a puppy, but you gave us a new family - a family of OES-lovers!”


Evgenia and Victor Petrakovy