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date: 17.11.04
name: Basil B. Bulldog
country: Australia
message: G'day
Just thought I would drop by and wish you well. You have a wonderful website. Please visit my site and have a look around. It is a Kids Site featuring Comics & Fun & Puzzles starring Basil B. Bulldog. The Official Basil B. Bulldog's Faulty Towers Web Site. Comic Strip created by MiC in 1991 based on the Fawlty Towers Televison Show. Sponsorship is required and sort. Make Basil B., your official mascot. Apply for his Official Seal of Approval.

date: 12.11.04
name: Анна
country: ЛИТВА
message: Спасибо за Ваш сайт и Вашу страничку обьявлений. Благодаря Вам мой щенок попал в замечательные руки и надеюсь что и в будущем Вы будете рекламировать, как и сейчас, всех бобтейлов. А страничка поделки - так просто изюминка в вашем сайте.
Успехов Вам и Вашим бобтейлам.

date: 02.11.04
name: Elena Leon
country: Россия
message: Здравствуйте! Я неравнодушна к английским пастушьим, и была очень рада посетить ваш сайт. Очень приятный сайт, а собаки действительно - Пушистые Волшебства!
Заходите и ко мне в гости на сайт моих рисунков собак.
Давайте дружить! :)

date: 11.10.04
name: Nikolas Kanales / Elisabeth Antl
e-mail: /
country: Greece / Austria
message: Dear Bobtailfriends
Congratulation to your great Homepage, well done.
Nikolas / Elisabeth

date: 10.10.04
name: FreeChat
message: Thanks! Enjoyed the time on your site! Sincerely yours, Bilder

date: 07.10.04
name: Katharina Welsch
country: Germany
message: Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on one year new BOBTAIL.RU homepage! First there is always an idea, the enthusiasm of a few people working together for this idea...and 1 year later so many people are charing the idea of an internet community portal for OES-Lovers, people with the same passion for the breed, and of course...for showing. The W(orld)W(ide)W(oof) is a wonderful place to share informations, pictures and friendship...All the Best for you and this project for the upcoming years and keep on doing your great work for the world of Bobtails! Hope to see you at next years EURO-SHOW in Danmark! With Love and BIG HUGS to the fourlegged family members

date: 30.09.04
name: European Pets Point
country: Eurasia
message: Very nice website. Cute dogs. Best wishess.
Welcome to Europets.Info

date: 24.09.04
name: Lizz Koedam
country: USA
message: Great site :-)

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