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дата: 12.01.06
имя: bays mireille & francis
e-mail: francis.bays@wanadoo.fr
страна: france
домашняя страница: bobtails.free.fr
сообщение: bonne annйe 2006 а tous les amoureux du o e s et de votre site.
amicales pensйes mireille & francis

дата: 08.01.06
имя: white angel
страна: belgie
домашняя страница:
сообщение: hey
dit is een prachtige site
zelf heb ik ook een bobtail
die heet vasco(waf waf)
er zij toffe foto's
en veel info.
ik denk dat ik deze site
nog veel ga bezoeken
white angel

дата: 01.01.06
имя: Paul Backhouse
страна: England, Milton Keynes
домашняя страница:
сообщение: What a fabulous website. I only came across it by accident as I was looking for show results from earlier this year.
Both myself and my wife Lorraine and our OES Beauvallon Barnstormer (Rosko to his pals) wish all other OES owners and their boys and girls a happy and successful 2006.

дата: 01.01.06
имя: Alena Vecerova
страна: Czech Republic
домашняя страница:
сообщение: I and my English sheep dogs wish Happy new year 2006 for all breeders of bobtails on the world!!!

дата: 01.01.06
имя: Katharina & Sally

страна: Germany
домашняя страница:
сообщение: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In the coming year, about to be,
I wish for you emphatically:
Your hearty fill of comedy
(With just a dash of irony),
And many cups of good strong tea
Drunk in a fine geography
(Perhaps along the Zuyder Zee,
Or on the coast of Italy),
With moments of colloquy
As others are engrossingly
Admiring your philosophy
And your witty repartee;
Perhaps some not-so-runny Brie
(With requisite très dry Chablis),
The occasional epiphany,
Days filled with absurdity
Spontaneous Terpsichore
And happiness and lots of glee,
And felicity, fortuity
From others, generosity,
The retention of each faculty,
A winning ticket (lottery),
A true surfeit of joie d'esprit.

And I hope the coming year is free
Of sadness, madness and ennui
And birthday gifts sent COD
And visits to the ol' MD.,
Inquiries by the third degree,
Hotels that say, "no vacancy"
Or retrograde of Mercury
Or call to serve the infantry.

I wish you then, in summary,
A grand and wondrous potpourri
For 2006,with fondest wishes,
Katharina & Sally with lots of kisses.


дата: 01.01.06
имя: Michael Amberger
страна: Germany
домашняя страница: www.shaggybear.de
сообщение: Hello,
Greetings from Germany, Happy New Year 2006!!
Bonny & Clyde...The "Shaggybear of scottish Highlands" wanna leave a Footprint on Your very nice Homepage!!!
Well done...very nice!
You are coming over and leave a Footprint in our Guestbook...too???

дата: 30.12.05
имя: Paivi Kakriainen
страна: FINLAND
домашняя страница: www.blockheadskennel.com
сообщение: These sites are wonderfull! If anywhere else here youґll find some info of worldwide OES happenings.
We wish all the OES-lover all over the world A SUCCESSFULL YEAR 2006!

Ps. Our dog, the Nordic Winner ґ05; his name is Luvtym Cherry Bomb In Snow (=not Show...) :) If you could change it correct, thank you very much!

дата: 30.12.05
имя: Jaana Pyyhtinen
страна: Finland
домашняя страница: www.dreamchoice.com
сообщение: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!

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